The Biopax Belfast site has achieved zero waste to landfill in 2023.

Biopax fully embraces its role in promoting circular economy by producing packaging that is sourced from sustainably managed forests and provides solutions that help reduce food waste and promote recyclability after use. Biopax takes a “fibre-first” approach to sourcing and is committed to only using inks, varnishes and coatings that do not contain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) or  synthetic chemicals in their formulations. We create packaging solutions that are free of chemicals that may cause harm to people and the planet. Our ability to deliver on these pillars is key to how we measure our success in promoting long-term sustainable growth.

Where possible and where appropriate, Biopax will commit to exploring packaging solutions that start with renewable and recycled fibre raw materials which then promotes recyclability after use as part of the evolving Circular Economy. To this end, it is important that Biopax engages with our supply chain partners to ensure full transparency on where our manufacturing waste moves to and into which recycled formats it evolves. We wish to reduce the dependence upon virgin fibre and non-renewable raw materials by acting responsibly during the sourcing, development and manufacturing processes.


Biopax has developed a sustainability programme which outlines a number of key deliverables and a clear roadmap to success. This programme is done in partnership with a 3rd party accredited auditing firm to assist the Biopax team in setting baseline values and objectives to cover a number of key areas:

  • GHG emissions
  • Energy usage (electric and gas)
  • Water usage

The Biopax Belfast site has achieved zero waste to landfill in 2023.

We are rolling out water reduction measures across the site that will see us achieve a 30% reduction in water usage by 2025.

Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030 is the overarching goal within the Biopax sustainability programme. By 2026, we will implement “green energy” sourcing to power, heat and cool down our factory.

Biopax commits to always having adequate and dedicated resourcing in place to measure, record, monitor, evaluate and report on our outputs in the above areas. We strongly believe that Biopax has a role to play in positively impacting global climate change.



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