TEDxStormont - An Unforgettable Event!


TEDxStormont, held on Saturday, 20 January at the Great Hall, Parliament Buildings, was nothing short of spectacular! Under the theme 'Restore,' we witnessed an exceptional lineup of speakers, including the insightful Alex Kane, the talented Jamie Duffy, and the inspirational Romav Ali. Each speaker shared visionary ideas, inspiring stories, and thought-provoking discussions on rejuvenating our world and reviving hope for a sustainable future.

The daylong event, expertly compered by Sarah Travers, delved into discussions about restoring ecosystems, relationships, and societal well-being—embracing a crucial conversation about renewal and recovery.

Supported by Biopax, TEDxStormont successfully transformed these visionary ideas into a sustainable reality. The talks, centred around the theme of 'Restore,' echoed the mission to empower individuals to play a role in restoring balance in our lives and the world around us.




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